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Are you looking to join Tech and Start-Up Communities?
The Toppel Career Center is committed to the vision of Venture Miami by opening doors and resources in the world of Tech. Here are some companies to get you started on your quest.

Tech Companies

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  • BitBasel

    BitBasel’s Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are produced by our team of blockchain engineers, lawyers, and creatives leveraging a state of the art curation process. BitBasel has created NFTs for artwork across digital, physical, and mixed mediums to connect, educate and empower artists through the use of NFTs

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  • Booksy

    Booksy is a beauty marketplace for finding, scheduling, and managing appointments, anchored by a SaaS App for business management. It creates a convenient and easy connection between customers and their health and beauty providers while utilizing everyone’s favorite can’t-live-without accessory – their cell phone.

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  • Bungie

    Founded in 1991 in a one-bedroom apartment in Chicago, IL, Bungie is the studio behind some of the biggest video game hits in history, including Destiny, Halo, Myth, Marathon, and more.

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  • CoinRoutes

    CoinRoutes’ advanced algorithmic trading software delivers the best commercially available performance money can buy.Trade crypto, spot and derivatives on your choice(s) of Exchanges, DEXs, & Liquidity Providers (LPs).

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  • eMerge Americas

    At eMerge Americas, we’re transforming Miami into the tech hub of the Americas by partnering with the entire tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem, from government to higher-ed, startups to investors, corporate enterprises to media. We’re connecting the dots – between talent, capital and entrepreneurs.

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  • HireTechLadies

    Founded in 2015 by a former Google employee, Tech Ladies is a worldwide community with 100,000 members. Through a supportive online group, a free job board, and opportunities to learn, we help Tech Ladies grow their careers and partner companies

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  • Kaseya

    Since 2000, our open platform and customer-centric approach delivers the technology SMBs and managed service providers (MSPs) need to reach new heights of success. Kaseya’s IT Complete product suite is the most comprehensive, integrated IT management platform comprised of industry-leading solutions from our family of companies.

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  • OpenStore

    Thanks to our technology, we streamlined the entire sales process and can buy your business in weeks. We buy any e-commerce business that our technology is able to price. Sell your business to a proven team with an unrivaled track record of identifying winning businesses and growing them.

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  • PowertoFly

    PowertoFly is where you receive expert career advice, free video training, coaching and exclusive access to jobs and events at top companies. We achieve our mission daily through connecting diverse talent to free live virtual events with decision makers from companies, whether they're looking to change their career or they’re happy in their current role.

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  • Refresh Miami

    Founded in 2006, Refresh Miami has served as the hub of Miami Tech for 15 years. As a 501c3 non-profit, our mission is to educate, inspire, connect and grow South Florida’s tech and startup ecosystem. Refresh Miami members get a front-row seat to learn from top-notch founders, innovators and technology professionals from across the country.

    Click HERE to visit Refresh Miami!

  • Shyft

    Shyft is the #1 moving marketplace headquartered in Miami. We are building a community of Shyfters that, enabled by technology and the promise of long-term hybrid working models, can now live anywhere. And we’re empowering them to Shyft everywhere through our network of over 400+ moving companies and lifestyle providers across 68 countries.

    Click HERE to visit Shyft!

  • Tech Hub South Florida

    Tech Hub South Florida is a vibrant non-profit 501(c)6 membership association continually Building South Florida’s Tech Hub! Our core focus is fixed on producing long-term economic impact by attracting new business, supporting startups, building the talent pool, and unifying our tech ecosystem.

    Click HERE to visit Tech Hub South Florida!

  • Zero Hash

    Zero Hash is an institutional settlement utility for the digital asset space. Offering a suite of institutional-grade post-trade settlement services, Zero Hash is the leading multi-platform and multi-custodial settlement agent that can facilitate the calculation of trade obligations and delivery of assets for an ever-growing list of tradable products, including spot, derivatives and loans.

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  • beycome

    beycome’s Technology and our experienced team of real estate advisors guide you to finding your dream home thru every step of the way; making it easier to search for properties, schedule viewings, making offers, counteroffers, and successfully closing.

    Click HERE to check out beycome!

  • The Launch Pad

    The Launch Pad is the entrepreneurship center at the University of Miami, where we help you start, build, and scale your startup business. A community of 5,000. Whether you’re building a restaurant or the next application.

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  • The Shrimp Society

    The Shrimp Society is a community of local entrepreneurs building early-stage startups. We also host events, panels, workshops, have a startup job board, and send a fun weekly newsletter to thousands of local tech professionals.

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  •’s mission is to support candidates and companies by providing the tools and information that they need to make informed decisions about where to work and whom to hire. We connect job seekers with the very best startups and tech companies hiring for Remote jobs with a single application.

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  • Venture Loop

    Venture Loop connects. Our products and services connect growth companies, talent, entrepreneurs and resources. We create long-term relationships with venture capital firms, entrepreneurial individuals and service providers to develop a valuable pool of relationship capital for our venture-backed customers.

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  • Wellfound

    Unique jobs at startups and tech companies you can't find anywhere else.

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