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Here you'll find some currently open job and internship listings for UM students and alumni by major. For thousands more opportunities, log in to Handshake.

Vault's exclusive company and internship rankings, in-depth employer profiles, and valuable employee/intern reviews encompass a wide range of industries.

Interstride is an interactive career platform designed to enhance the career exploration and job-search experience for international students.

Career exploration for first-generation students and Pell Grant recipients. Passcode: CANES
Parker Dewey provides students with access to listings for Micro-Internships.

Forage is a platform where students can find free Virtual Experience Programs posted by top companies in order to build valuable career skills and get a taste of industry experience via short, real-world, company-backed online projects.

Not sure where to start your job search? The 8-Step Job Search Toolkit is a self-paced workbook full of strategies, advice, and resources created to help you prepare and execute your individualized job search plan. Download your copy to get started.

Creatively is a job platform for creatives championing and connecting the world’s most valued creative community through best-in-class portfolios, collaborative features, and job opportunities around the globe.

Use LinkedIn Jobs and the Alumni Tool to harness the power of your network and get hired.

A free app that connects students to hospitality, retail, and entertainment employers. Record a 60-second video to highlight your personality while answering a few key questions! See the job, send a video, and get hired!

Navigate your job search and explore career options using the Job Market Data tool to learn more about employment trends, top employers, salary data, key skills, sample job titles, core tasks, and more for any given occupation.

Use our ChatGPT Prompt Guide to help you prepare for the application and interview process for new experiences, and learn how to gain the skills needed to succeed in any industry.
Glassdoor is a database of company reviews, approval ratings, salary reports and more.

The Toppel Career Center is committed to opening doors and resources in the world of tech. Here are some companies to get you started on your quest.