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Students ask questions at the Majors and Minors Fair Students ask questions at the Majors and Minors Fair
Students at the Majors and Minors Fair talk to advisors from UM academic departments.

Toppel offers a variety of ways to help you figure out what the best major(s) and career are for you. Take one of our many assessments and meet with an advisor to get started!

We all get the same question: “What’s your major?” or “What are you going to do with that degree?” If you don’t have the answers to these questions, let us help you! During advising, our highly trained staff will guide you through a variety of assessments, resources, and discussions to assist you in creating your own unique path. So the next time you hear one of these questions, you’ll be able to confidently provide an answer! 


If you are unsure of how your personality connects to a major, what your strengths are, or how your areas of interests correspond to potential career paths, stop by Toppel to meet with an advisor in-person or virtually and determine which career assessment is right for you!

Please note that some career assessments have a small fee ($10), which can be paid by credit card only.


Career Explorer by Sokanu (So-Can-You)

Career Explorer’s career test is designed to measure a person’s traits and match them to careers. This assessment can be taken on your own or at Toppel. After completing the assessment, you can choose to meet with an advisor to go over your results. Results-reviews are coordinated by our front desk



StrengthsQuest helps you identify your natural talents and how you can develop those talents into strengths. This assessment has to be taken in person at the Toppel Career Center and requires a follow-up appointment with a career advisor to receive and interpret your results. Results-reviews are coordinated by our front desk
Fee: $10

Values, Skills, and Motivations

Knowdell Card Sorts

With the Knowdell Motivated Skills assessment, you will learn your proficiency and motivation within 51 transferable skills areas.

The Knowdell Career Values Card Sort allows you to understand and prioritize your values. This is a great assessment if you are looking for a job, considering a career change or just want to better understand how your values fit into your current job.

What can I do with this major?

Whether you are exploring multiple majors or searching for information about your chosen field, What Can I Do With This Major can help you connect your majors to possible careers. Learn about typical career paths and the types of employers that hire people with each major, as well as strategies to make you a more marketable candidate. Continue your research on majors and careers through the websites provided.

What is this career like?

The Toppel Career Center has several resources that allow you to learn more about various careers and envision yourself in different roles:

Cane2CaneThe Cane2Cane mission is to connect students and alumni for opportunities to explore career paths, prepare for the workplace, and establish new connections in their network.

Forage: Get a taste of industry experience by completing short, real-world, company-backed online projects with companies including JPMorgan Chase & Co, Citi, Accenture, BCG, and Deloitte.

Career Crawls: Immersive in-person and virtual trips that allow you to explore career paths and connect with that city's UM community through employer site visits, receptions with alumni, and more.