Connect With Employers

Toppel is committed to providing recruiting initiatives that benefit you, the student, as well as employers. We aim to provide convenient and flexible options that allow employers to meet their hiring needs while providing you opportunities both while still enrolled and after graduating.

Throughout the year, you will have the ability to participate in a variety of programs such as Company Information Sessions, On-Campus Interviews, Career Conversations, Career Fairs, and more! Each of these offers a unique learning experience and enables you to build a network without having to leave campus.

Employers share important details about their companies, including culture, available opportunities, and best practices in finding an internship or job.
two students speaking to employer at event

Career Conversations

Career Conversations are an informal opportunity to ask questions about an organization/industry, to discuss job and internship positions, and to get to know a company in small groups.

Employer informally interviewing student at event

On-Campus Interviews

On-campus interviews allow you to meet recruiters one-on-one in a formal setting where you can showcase your skills.

There are many Career Fairs throughout the year. Our signature recruiting event, Job & Internship Expo/Graduate School Fair, draws more than one hundred organizations and encompasses all industries.


The Employer Practice Interviews & Critique (EPIC) program pairs students with a recruiter for a 30-minute resume review, LinkedIn critique, or practice interview before the Job & Internship Expo/Graduate School Fair.

Student learning about opportunities from employer

Professional Standards

Toppel's recruiting policies allow us to maintain the highest level of integrity for the process. Please familiarize yourself with these professional standards as you participate in recruiting opportunities.