Gap Year Options

A Gap Year is a period of time, usually after graduation, when students take time to pursue a short term opportunity before pursuing graduate school or starting a longer-term job. Gap Years can help students explore career options, gain additional experience, give back to the community, and see the world.

Gap Year Options

There are many different possibilities for a Gap Year including work and internship experiences, volunteering, and traveling. A sample list of Gap Year opportunities can be found here. This list is a starting point, so explore other opportunities as well.

Explore Opportunities

You may consider meeting with a coach to discuss your own Gap Year plan. A few great websites with many Gap Year opportunities are and Gap year opportunities are also often featured through Handshake.

Selecting a Gap Year Program

When searching for Gap Year options, there are a few questions you can ask to choose the appropriate opportunity for you:

  1. What do I hope to gain from taking a Gap Year?
  2. What possible options are available to me?
  3. What are my career interests?
  4. What skills do I want to gain?
  5. What is the time commitment?
  6. What is my financial situation?


Peace Corps

If you are interested in actively contributing towards the development goals of communities around the world, learning another language, experiencing a unique way of travel and living in another part of the world, the Peace Corps might be a perfect way to spend your gap year(s). Work side by side with locals in a number of programs like community economic development, youth development, education, environment, health or agriculture.

Once you have completed your service there are a number of advantages that Returned Peace Corps Volunteers can take advantage of like a readjustment allowance, non-competitive eligibility for government jobs and a lifetime ability to join the Coverdell fellowship to continue your education in one of over 100 universities across the United States.

If the Peace Corps sounds like a great way to spend your gap year period please do not hesitate to learn more by visiting the website at!