Posting Jobs and internships

The University of Miami and the Toppel Career Center prepare students to take on roles in the world’s top organizations. If you would like to post an opportunity for our students to apply to, select an option from below that best suits the needs of your organization and your team.


Handshake is the first stop students make when looking for these opportunities, and the service is free to students and employers. Here are some tips for registering on Handshake:

  • Make sure to fill out your Company Profile as completely as possible for students to review
  • Make sure the email address you provide is your official business email account, such as
  • You may also choose to participate in Talent Engagement Opportunities (including interviews) and Career Fairs; simply click on the appropriate tabs in Handshake for further instructions

Employer guide to handshake

Job/Internship Posting Policies

The Toppel Career Center reserves the right to determine posting eligibility and delete job postings deemed unsuitable for students/alumni seeking full-time and internship positions. When submitting postings, please ensure they meet the guidelines below:

  • Full-time positions require an education level of Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctoral degree
  • Organizations/positions which require a charge to the student will not be approved
  • Job description provided is detailed, clear, and comprehensive
  • Compensation is indicated and based on base salary (not including commission)
    • Commission-based postings must only be for permanent, full-time, post-graduate career positions
  • Company/organization must have an active website and company email address
  • Internships must meet the standards under The Fair Labor Standards Act (U.S. Dept. of Labor)
  • Postings must adhere to our Recruiting Policies

Toppel Career Center’s Statement on Unpaid Internships

Internships are a high-value experience for students that helps prepare them to successfully enter the workplace as they build crucial skills and connect with professionals. The Toppel Career Center encourages students at the University of Miami to complete internships but understands there are barriers that may prevent them from doing so, including pay.

We support the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ position statement on unpaid internships which calls for “legislation to eliminate unpaid internships and provide support for employers in converting unpaid internships to paid internships” because they “are a barrier to achieving equity and opportunity for all college students.” For example, women, Black, Hispanic, and first-generation students are overrepresented in unpaid internships. Additionally, unpaid internships benefit students who do not rely on receiving a paycheck. We, therefore, encourage all of our employer partners to look into any means possible to fund internships at their organizations to provide greater access to paid internships for all students.

For those students who will be completing unpaid internships during the summer, we encourage them to apply to the Angelo Family Endowment Fund for financial support.

Recruiter's Guide to Creating an Internship Program

The University of Miami’s Toppel Career Center believes that quality internships are an extremely effective
way for organizations to test, train, and recruit potential full-time employees while, at the same time, offering students an opportunity to learn and gain practical work experience. This guide provides tips for getting your internship program started. 

Project-Based Work & Micro-Internships

Parker Dewey Micro-Internship Program

The University of Miami's Toppel Career Center is partnering with Parker Dewey to provide students with access to micro-internship opportunities. Similar to other job search engines, Parker Dewey's platform allows students to browse job opportunities that they may be interested in, and to make contact directly with employers.

Micro-Internships provide organizations with a competitive advantage when recruiting University of Miami students. By offering these short-term assignments, you can gain early access to high-potential students, support your diversity and inclusion efforts, and enhance your brand on campus, all of which lead to improved hiring outcomes. Micro-Internships don’t replace your existing internship program or on-campus recruiting efforts, and hiring managers value the immediate support making it easy to engage them in these mutual auditions.  Click here to learn more or get started.