Miguel Ramirez

Miguel Ramirez
Assistant Director
Career Events

I naively entered college after having attended a dual-enrollment high school for 2 years. I felt that, having navigated community college, I was an expert at class scheduling, time management, and had the perfect work-life balance. As a college student I was a procrastinator; I would crash study for exams and I felt that having a job while going to school was counterproductive.  I was very focused on building a social life since I left all my friends back home. I found myself obsessed with puzzles and games in my free time as a way of relaxing.  If I could go back in time and give advice to myself, I would have visited more colleges and factored my personal happiness into the equation instead of just looking for the fastest path to medical school.

Now I am working professional and graduate student. I feel that this combination has put me in my sweet spot. I have a better understanding of how to manage my time, I understand the financial implications of my decisions, and the need to set professional and personal goals evenly. I value transparency in the workplace and I am really proud of my work ethic in all the jobs I have had. I have gained an appreciation and pride for being a gay, black, Latino professional and I am happy that both my professional and personal attributes are celebrated at my job. And yes, I still love to puzzles and games and use them to relax!