Interview Preparation

It is pivotal that you prepare for any potential interviews. Luckily for you, Toppel offers you multiple ways to do this.

Informational Interviews

Informational interviews are a way to request further information about a career you might be interested in or a company you might want to work for. It is not meant to be a job interview. 

Check out a blog written by a former Toppel Peer Advisor who conducted her own informational interview! 

Learn how to get the most out of an informational interview.  

Practice Interviews

If you’ve never had an interview before--or just need some additional practice--this hour-long practice interview can be a great way to get more comfortable speaking about your skills, strengths, and achievements. They are tailored to jobs, internships, or graduate or professional school.

In addition to providing helpful constructive feedback immediately after your interview, we also record, both audio and video, all interviews and send you the file. This means that you’ll be able to review it at any point in time to get a fuller picture of your interview strengths and areas for growth.

Practice interviews are coordinated by our front desk, so give them a call at 305-284-5451 today to set up your appointment. We do limit the frequency of practice interviews to one per month to ensure everyone has an equal chance to use the service.

Mini-Practice Interviews

Mini-practice interviews are 20 minutes in length and do not require an appointment. Just like full practice interviews, we tailor them to your specific need, whether it be an internship or full-time job, medical school, law school, graduate school, or anything else. Toppel Peer Advisors will ask you a series of sample interview questions and then provided feedback regarding your nonverbal communication and interview answers.

There is no limit to how many times you may conduct a mini-practice interview. Mini-practice interviews are not recorded.

Employer Practice Interviews & Critiques (EPIC)

The Employer Practice Interviews & Critique (EPIC) program is an exciting way to gain a competitive edge by meeting with actual employers. Students are paired with a recruiter for a 30-minute resume critique or practice interview. This program occurs each fall and spring semester and usually coincides with Career Expo.

To reserve your space, log in to Handshake and search for “EPIC” under the Interviews tab found in the left hand column.

Please note: there are no walk-in appointments for this event. Business attire is required. If you do not have an approved resume in the system and still want to participate, please contact Devin Rogan or call him at 305-284-1989.