Carly Smith

Carly Smith
Associate Director
Career Readiness


I like to call myself a forever learner. Growing up, I always loved going to school, both for the classes and for the friendships. It is really not a surprise thinking about it that I now work in education. Apart from learning, I have a passion for trying to live a healthy, happy, and holistic life. You can count on me to eat my fruits and veggies and try to keep up at the Coral Gables Orangetheory, but there is nothing greater than enjoying a great meal out at a local restaurant with my family and friends. One of my major goals is to live as peaceful and joyful of a life as possible, and to help others achieve the same.

College was an exciting time for me. I took a major risk by attending a university in which I knew the academics would challenge me more than I had been challenged before. I also went across the country, not knowing a soul. It was in college that I truly gained confidence in myself and started to find my voice, speaking up for issues that I cared about. As a northerner my whole life, it was in this time that I gained a new appreciation for all things South: country music, cowboy boots, and delicious shrimp and grits. My best advice to current college students is to work smarter, not harder. One of the best lessons you can learn in college is how to balance and prioritize everything that is important to you.

Hometown: Yardley, PA (Go EAGLES!)