Meet the Staff
Toppel staff group photo. Toppel staff group photo.
Toppel Career Center Staff

Operations & Strategic Initiatives

Career Education

  • Edward Cruz
    Edward Cruz

    Director, Career Education
    (305) 284-5023
    Advising Cluster: Pre-Law

  • Carly Smith
    Carly Smith

    Associate Director, Career Readiness
    (305) 284-1818
    Advising Clusters: Pre-Health, Nursing and Health Science, Life Sciences, Psychology

  • Debbie Greisel
    Debbie Greisel

    Assistant Director, Career Education
    (305) 284-1808
    Advising Clusters: Communication, Music

  • Anna Kenney
    Anna Kenney

    Assistant Director, Internships
    (305) 284-1809
    Advising Clusters: Education, Internships, International Opportunities

  • Esther Lamarre
    Esther Lamarre

    Assistant Director, Graduate Student & Alumni Career Programs
    (305) 284-1820
    Advising Clusters: Graduate Students, Alumni, Psychology, Humanities, Liberal Arts

  • Esther Lamarre
    Jessica Sublette

    Graduate Assistant
    (305) 284-1822

Employer Engagement

  • Ali Rodriguez
    Ali Rodriguez

    Director, Employer Engagement
    (305) 284-1819
    Advising Clusters: Architecture, Art, Art History, Theatre

  • Hilary Kautter Allsopp
    Hilary Kautter Allsopp

    Associate Director, Employer Development in DC
    Advising Cluster: Government

  • Kim Burr
    Kim Burr

    Assistant Director, Business Consultant
    (305) 284-1813
    Advising Cluster: School of Business

  • Richard Combs
    Richard Combs

    Assistant Director, Business Consultant
    (305) 284-1988
    Advising Clusters: School of Business, Athletics

  • Devin Rogan
    Devin Rogan

    Assistant Director, Recruiting Services
    (305) 284-1989
    Advising Clusters: STEM, Veterans

  • Betty Zambrano
    Betty Zambrano

    Assistant Director, Career Events
    (305) 284-8593
    Advising Clusters: Social Sciences, Government, International Opportunities, RSMAS