Career Outcomes

We’re proud that the vast majority of UM students find their paths to success by the time they graduate or soon thereafter. Learn more about the post-graduation outcomes of UM graduates as a whole and graduates like you by exploring the information below.

University of Miami Career Outcomes Infographic for the class of 2015

You’re probably wondering, What does a University of Miami education get me? Where will I end up and what will I be doing once I graduate? First of all, we know that the value of a University of Miami degree can’t be summed simply by tallying the number of students who get a job when they graduate. As a University of Miami student, you’ll get a great education and gain extensive knowledge in a variety of fields through majors, minors, and cognates. You’ll participate in activities and organizations that build leadership and character in addition to helping you put your knowledge into action. At Toppel, we help you pull all of this together to explore possible career paths, prepare for life after college, and build your network to become career ready. 

Class of 2015 Career Outcomes Infographics by School and College

Interactive Outcomes Data

The following data visualization allows you to view outcomes information for the Class of 2015, filtering by School and College as well as specific major. Please note that some majors have very few students, and the data is therefore limited.