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November 27, 2023


Meet Christine Lara, a sophomore Biomedical Engineering major with a concentration in Biomaterials and Tissue Concentration!

This past summer, Christine shadowed dermatologist and fellow Cane, Yanette Barcelo (PA-C). This experience taught her a lot about the healthcare industry and the patient care experience and provided her with some hands-on clinical experience. Next, she interned at IMIC Medical Research where she learned about Alzheimer’s, Fatty Liver, and Cirrhosis medical research. This internship involved a lot of hands-on lab work which included drawing blood from patients, processing the blood by centrifuge, and packaging bloodwork. Through determination, Christine was able to get these two experiences by dedicating some time to emailing, calling, and visiting medical offices.

Christine recently acquired an internship with the prestigious Estée Lauder! She says that the 2023 Job & Internship Expo hosted by Toppel was where she was able to meet and interact with them which truly helped her stand out in the application process. Christine states that Toppel has helped her out monumentally! Not only did she get her upcoming internship through building a connection with Estée Lauder at Toppel’s Job & Internship Expo, but she also says that Toppel has helped her identify her career values and goals and has helped her improve her interview skills, resume, and public speaking abilities.

Piece of Advice:

“Put yourself out there and be yourself. As much as it is important to present yourself professionally, being authentic is super important because a major component of the job market today is the connections you build. Employers will remember you for your authenticity and attitude in pursuing the job. Lastly, aim high because you never know where you could end up, but I can assure if you don’t even try you won’t get anywhere.”


Teacher Accelerator Program (TAP) | One-on-one's @ 9 AM
U.S. Secret Service Careers @ 11:30 AM
Disney Auditions - A World of Opportunity @ 5 PM
BreakThru Diversity Mixer Spring 2024 @ 4 PM
Job & Internship Expo Spring 2024 @ 1 PM


Hands-On Coding Experience With LinkedIn Learning

Coding skills are in hot demand, and changing fast. Learning through hands-on practice is the best way to enhance your skills. That’s why LinkedIn Learning is partnering with CoderPad to launch over 30 new coding courses in Python, Java, SQL, JavaScript, C#, and Go, designed to help learners at all levels build their coding skills through interactive exercises and real-time feedback.

With these courses, you'll be able to solve real-world coding challenges in an interactive environment, designed by their industry expert instructors. Get immediate real-time feedback on your code. Submit your solution and then watch the instructor explain how they solved the challenge. LinkedIn Learning Code Challenges, gives you industry-standard hands-on practice for the skills you need to move forward and prepare for what’s next.


Searching for Internships on Handshake

As the semester comes to an end, now is a good time to be searching for summer internships. With a lot of free time on your hands over the upcoming break, it should allow you time to apply for at least one internship. If it’s your first time applying or looking for internships, you can find some really good ones on Handshake. Searching for internships on Handshake allows you to search based on location, pay, industry, remote or hybrid, and more! All you have to do is click on the “Jobs” tab in the toolbar to the left and then apply any necessary filters.

When it comes to figuring out what internships you’d like to apply for, it’s good to have an idea of what career path you’d like to take or even what companies or industries you’d like to work in. Once you have that figured out, come up with a list of internships or companies you’d like to apply to, make sure your resume is up to date, or meet with one of our career coaches to help you get things in order, and come up with a plan to apply to the internships you’ve chosen. You can do this by setting aside time dedicated to applying. The amount of time you decide on can be anything. It can be anywhere from an hour a week to 30 min a day – it’s all up to you on how you’d like to set and achieve your goals!


How to Make a Video Resume

Did you know that you can send a video resume during your search? While it may be uncommon, video resumes could add some uniqueness to your application and make you stand out. Not only can this be a good way to get around the applicant tracking systems which filter out resumes by keywords but it also:

  • Attaches a name to the face.
  • Allows you to express yourself, giving recruiters a better idea of who you are as a person and part of your personality.
  • Shows initiative and depending on the job, can also showcase certain skills the position might be looking for.
If you’re interested in learning more about how to go about creating a video resume, take a look at this article that covers 5 tips on creating a video resume and put yourself out there!


Internship Opportunities

Job Postings

2024 Frederick Douglass-Daniel O’Connell Global Internship in Ireland

Toppel Spotlight

Siegel Public Interest Technology Summer Fellowship
Princeton University

Market Research Analyst
AlphaFit Labs

Engineering Internship Summer 2024
Holcim US

2024 Summer Internship | Global Information Security
Royal Caribbean Group

Office of Economic Empowerment Intern | 2024 Treasury Summer Internship Program
Office of the Massachusetts State Treasurer and Receiver General

NASCAR Diversity Internship Program

Non-Profit Web Design Intern
GI 305

Purchases Standout Camp- 2025 Internship
Procter & Gamble (P&G)

Finance Intern
Perry Ellis International

Summer 2024 Internship Program
Bath & Body Works

Social Media Specialist
The Comras Company

Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Management Trainee - Doral
Enterprise Holdings

Marketing Manager

Peace Corps Volunteer
Peace Corps

Physical Therapist
Action Physical Therapy

Program Officer Ukraine
International Republican Institute (IRI)

Speech Language Pathologist Assistant - Pediatric
Holly Ridge Center

HR Coordinator
Florida Department of Health: Miami-Dade

Associate Financial and Data Analyst
NextEra Energy, Inc.

Audit Associate

The 2024 Frederick Douglass-Daniel O’Connell Global Internship in Ireland provides ten exceptional college students from diverse backgrounds with an eight-week culturally immersive program combining academic study and real-world work experience.

Full program cost, airfare, and a stipend will be provided to support participation in this eight-week work placement in an Irish organization and participation in a credit-bearing academic course on Irish History and Culture with a special exploration of the influence Daniel O’Connell had on Frederick Douglass and both men’s lifetime legacies as successful businessmen and leaders of social change.

In order to extend the impact of this initiative, CIEE is providing all qualified students who apply for but are not selected for the Douglass-O’Connell Global Internship in Ireland a $1500 grant towards a CIEE Summer Global Internship in summer ‘24 or ’25 so they can advance their professional skills through a work experience abroad.

For more about the Frederick Douglass-Daniel O’Connell Global Internship in Ireland, including eligibility requirements and application details, visit their website.

Kylie Oquendo

Career Education Intern

Meet Kylie Oquendo, a senior Business Management major with a minor in Philosophy!

Aside from being a Career Education Intern at Toppel, Kylie is also a volunteer at the Sandler Center and a member of the Women in Business student organization.

To achieve her career goals, Kylie has taken the initiative and gone outside of her comfort zone. She says that some of the best moments of her life thus far have come from taking risks and being resilient with the outcome.

By moving across the country to a brand-new city with no plan and goal in mind, Kylie had to truly learn things herself which would not have been possible without doing things that might scare her. She says that because college is brand new and a little scary for everyone, when you put yourself out there you can find the path and people that are best for you.

Piece of Advice:

“Celebrate every achievement despite its size. It's important to acknowledge all the hard work you have done to get where you are today even if it might not be your end goal just yet.”



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