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September 25, 2023


Meet Phineas Graeff, a senior accounting and finance major with a minor in business analytics!

In the spring, he joined the Student Managed Investment Fund, and through his experience, he was able to keep up to date with current activity in financial markets as well as hone applicable skills related to his career. More recently, he started interning at the McCombie Group, a middle market M&A advisory firm, in June as an analyst and continues to work there part-time through this semester.

He says that the emails he gets from Toppel are great because they inform him about guest speakers and networking events. By hearing about these opportunities he is able to both learn from professionals about what they are doing and see if it's worth pursuing, but also feels that this is a good way to make connections with similarly interested peers that might pay off down the line. Other services, such as the resume review, headshot photobooth, and handshake have helped him become more prepared to hit the ground running when it's time for applications and interviews.

Piece of Advice:

“Meet and stay connected with as many people as possible, ask for their advice and perspectives, and then reflect on your goals and make a plan to achieve them. Don't be afraid to send a cold email or to reach out on LinkedIn because you never know what kind of insight they might provide or what doors will open up to you.”


PwC - Why Accounting? @ 4 PM
Pronghorn Presents: “CultuRED Spirits – A Panel Discussion” @ 5:30 PM
Kimley-Horn Meet & Greet/Project Highlight @ 6 PM
Engineering Career Day @ 12 PM
Arthrex: Careers in IT & Engineering @ 4 PM


Using ChatGPT Prompts to Help Prep for Interviews

If you were offered an interview through Expo – congratulations, the hard part is done! Next comes the preparation part, which isn’t as intimidating as it may seem. When it comes to preparing for an interview, here are a few good tips that can help you, but some of the most important things to keep in mind are: researching about the company, understanding the job description and how it overlaps with your resume, and being yourself while also knowing your talking points/questions to ask.

With the rise of AI, this preparation process has become a whole lot easier! If you want to learn how to streamline the interview preparation process, check out this article that covers some prompts you can give to ChatGPT to help you come up with some responses or scenarios that you can go over when it comes to practicing for your interview. We also have a section on our website that provides a wealth of information regarding interview preparation as well!


Following up With Employers on Handshake

When it comes to the connections you made during Expo, it’s essential that you follow up with whomever you spoke with. If you received a business card, it’s great to follow up with them as soon as possible while the interaction is still relatively fresh in both of your minds. However, another way to follow up is on Handshake.

The great thing about following up with recruiters on Handshake is that they’re able to see some important details when it comes to your job search. If you have a completed profile, they can view your resume, see relevant organizations you’re involved in, and they're able to put a face to a name as opposed to if you were to just email them.

You can do this by looking at the employers that attended and clicking on their employer page. From there, you’ll just scroll down in the right-hand column until you see their “public staff list” which may have the person you met with at Expo. If you don’t find them there, your next best bet is to connect with them on LinkedIn and follow up that way.


Engineering Career Day

Are you looking to enter the field of engineering or interested in exploring career paths in engineering? This Friday from 12 – 3 PM, we will be hosting the Engineering Career Day alongside the College of Engineering at the Lakeside Village Expo Center.

During this event, you’ll be able to connect with a range of companies from different backgrounds that are looking to fill roles in their engineering-related roles. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to meet with recruiters ready to offer internships and full-time career opportunities!


Internship Opportunities

Job Postings

Pronghorn Presents: “CultuRED Spirits – A Panel Discussion”

Toppel Spotlight

Quality Assurance Intern
Arthrex, Inc.

ING Financial Services
Summer 2024 Intern – Financial Markets

Walt Disney World Industrial Engineering Intern, Fall 2024
The Walt Disney Company

Engagement Intern
Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Renewable Energy Developer – Intern
Demeter Land Development, LLC

IT Tech Internship
Brilliant PR & Marketing

Social Justice Oral History Conversations Internship Spring 2024
Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture

2024 Chase Leadership Development Program – Summer Analyst Opportunity (New York)
JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Social Media Creator Intern

Graphic Design Intern – Fall 2023
Hagos Marketing

Department of Law Enforcement at Broward Sheriff's Office

Starr Associates Program - Spring 2024 Graduates
Starr Insurance

Leadership Development Program: Rotational Analyst
Carnival Cruise Line

2024 Analytics & Sales - New York

Early Career - Lennar Technology Recent College Graduate (RCG)
Lennar Corporation

Accounting Manager, Retail
Perry Ellis International

District Manager - Current College Student - Royal Palm Beach

Research Associate
Polyglass, USA

Green Bay Site Cyber Security Leader
Procter & Gamble (P&G)

Teacher - High School (9-12)
Gwinnett County Public Schools

Tomorrow at 5:30 PM, The Toppel Career Center and The University of Miami Black Alumni Society will be co-sponsoring Pronghorn’s CultuRED Spirits event! CultuRED Spirits is a dedicated initiative that seeks to bridge the gap between talented individuals and exceptional organizations within the spirits industry. They are committed to creating an engaging platform for meaningful connections, fostering growth, and facilitating the path toward fulfilling and rewarding careers.

Their discussion will revolve around critical topics such as the keys to success in the spirits industry, strategies for building an accelerator or curriculum for distilling and manufacturing spirits, promoting bars with minority-owned spirits, and exploring opportunities and challenges within the industry. This event will start at 5:30 PM with a networking reception including refreshments and mocktails. At 6:00 PM, a panel of industry experts will share their insights.

Felix Delanos

Career Coach

Meet Felix Delanos, a sophomore Industrial Engineering major!

He is part of UM Boys Volleyball Club, Engineers Without Borders, uStart, and the Institute of Industrial Engineers. This year, he is really looking forward to delving more into the industrial engineering major and continuing to grow his network.

He says that #UShine is an ongoing thing for him as his understanding of math allowed him to tutor a set of brothers for years in math which allowed him to create a strong connection with the family. Through this connection, he landed a job at their father's steel construction company which allowed him to see the other side of engineering - the in-field experience instead of the nice office experience.

Piece of Advice:

"Everything happens for a reason. Even though it never seems like it in the moment, whenever I look back on something, I realize that what happened was meant to happen and it brought me into who I am today.”



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