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October 2, 2023


Meet Barbara Marins, a senior Advertising Management major with minors in Marketing and Music Business & Entertainment Industries.

She works in the Office of the President as an Event Management & Correspondence Assistant. She also works as a Marketing Manager for 'Cane Records, the on-campus student-run record label. At ‘Cane Records, Barbara and the hardworking A&R, marketing, and administrative teams work closely with artists to effectively promote their music and help them achieve their goals.

Barbara has been an ambassador for the School of Communication Dean's Student Circle since January where she guides tours for prospective students and promotes resources at UM. Additionally, she is also a teaching assistant in a First-Year Directions course for freshmen. Barbara says she enjoys being able to provide the mentorship and tools necessary for both academic and personal success, while also developing stronger public speaking and leadership skills.

Toppel has helped her become career-ready by providing the resources necessary to succeed. Whether it's for interview prep, resumé/cover letter assistance, or simple advice, she has found that Toppel is always very accommodating and helpful to her needs!

Piece of Advice:

“Always be grateful no matter what! The glass is always half full; as cliché as it sounds, it's important to appreciate every single aspect of your life, no matter how minimal it seems. We are all so lucky to receive quality education from an outstanding university, which is just one of the many things we can express gratitude for.”


Landing Your Dream Career as a Graduate @ 11:15 AM
University of Southern California Graduate School Information Session @ 6 PM
Toppel Tuesday in Front of the Study Abroad Office @ 12 PM
How to Network When You Have No Idea Where to Start @ 5 PM
Lunch with Aldi- Info Session @ 11:30 AM
Navigating the Job Search with ChatGPT @ 5 PM


Keeping in Contact with Employers on C2C After Fairs

If you met with a recruiter at one of our career fairs who happens to be a UM alumni, there’s a possibility that they may also be on Cane2Cane. C2C is a platform available to all UM students, alumni, and friends of the university to network with those who have ties to UM.

By connecting with someone you met on C2C, it can help you stand out from the hundreds of students who contact them through LinkedIn every day…plus it shows initiative that you’re interested in connecting with them on different platforms. Because you already have an account, all you have to do is log in with your CaneID and fill out your profile to get started!


Handshake's New AI Chatbot - Coco

Handshake just released their new AI chatbot named Coco to help you with all your career-related questions on Handshake! Although it’s still in the pilot stage, we encourage you to play around with it to see if it can answer some important questions you may have.

To find it, just log into Handshake and it will be the last option titled “Beta Coco” in the lefthand toolbar. From there, you can ask Coco practically anything and it will generate a response based on your questions. Similar to ChatGPT, you can use this resource as a way to brainstorm ideas or find out different things pertaining to your career.


Toppel's Job Market Data Tool

Have you ever wanted real-time job information about a certain career path you plan on pursuing, such as salary, top employers in the industry, or job responsibilities? Well, look no further as that is exactly what our Job Market Data page is for!

On this page, you can type in the job role you’re interested in and get immediate information on things like core tasks, employment trends, and much more. All you have to do is put in the job role in the search box and select the state or region you’re looking to pull data from, and all of the information will be provided to you instantly.

This is extremely helpful when it comes to researching a career path because it can provide information to help you determine if that job is what you want to do, as well as provide you with a layout of the skills you might need in order to pursue that job so you can plan for your career more effectively.


Internship Opportunities

Job Postings

Landing Your Dream Career as a Graduate

Toppel Spotlight

Intern - Accounting

Internship – Social Media Content Creation (Spring 2024)
Universal Parks & Resorts - Orlando

Manufacturing Science & Technology Intern
Merck & Co., Inc.

Traditional Trades Advancement Program Member – Fort Donelson National Battlefield
American Conservation Experience

2024 Summer Internship – Supply Chain
Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Global Apparel Materials Undergraduate Intern
Nike, Inc.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Spring 2024 Internship
The Washington Center

Real Estate Assistant Internship (Academic credits) – Remote position
New York Habitat

Engineering Intern – Radio Frequency Ablation
Arthrex, Inc

USFS Forestry Research Fellowship
Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education

Graphic Designer

Business Developer

Electrical Engineer
TES Engineering

Biological Science Technician
USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS)

Teacher Candidate
Teacher Accelerator Program

Virtual Medical Scribe
AQuity Solutions

Media Monitoring Associate
Arthrex, Inc.

Economic Research Analyst
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Wealth Management Associate
Morgan Stanley

Financial Analyst, Finance & Accounting Rotational (FAR) Program

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Makenna Parsell

Guest Experience Intern

Meet Makenna Parsell, a junior majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, with minors in Psychology and Gender & Sexuality Studies!

She is a Dean's Ambassador for the College of Arts & Sciences, a part of the biochemistry club, and participates in research at the Miller School of Medicine.

Makenna says that to achieve her career goals she #UShines by putting herself out there and really working hard for what she wants. When it comes to her career goals and opportunities she comes across, Makenna always tries to shine by leaving a mark on others.

As a Junior PreMed student, Makenna is nearing the time to really start thinking about her post-undergraduate education and trying to do shadowing, get clinical hours, research, etc. These all require interviews and when interviewers ask her “tell me about yourself", she takes questions like that as an opportunity to shine!

Piece of Advice:

“Taking risks and sometimes failing is essential for growth!”



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