On-Campus Recruiting

Students at a company information session Students at a company information session
Students at a company information session

Recruiting University of Miami students is easy! Below is a list of our more traditional on-campus recruiting strategies. If you're interested in more unique ways to recruit, including volunteering, check out our section on getting involved or contact us with your ideas!

Please note that requesting any option below requires a Handshake account. If you need help setting up an account, please visit our guide to posting jobs and internships or contact us at toppel@miami.edu or (305) 284-5451. In addition, some recruiting options will incur a nominal fee, which will be used to subsidize the cost of building operations. This fee will be waived for employers who pay to attend a Career Expo or Career Fair (Accounting or Architecture).

Information Session

Our students want to know what it’s like to work for your company. Hosting Information Sessions allows you to build your brand on campus and develop relationships with students. This is your time to share information about your company culture, work environment, day-to-day operations, and available opportunities with students. Make it as interactive as you would like with Q&A sessions, UM alum presenters, and panel discussions! Request an Information Session today.
Corporate Rate: $75
Non-Profit Government Rate: $50

Breezeway Table

Do our students know your company is hiring? Is this your first time recruiting at the University of Miami? A Breezeway Table is the perfect way to establish your company name on campus and spread the word about internship and full-time opportunities. The Breezeway is a roof-covered, outdoor area that is conveniently located in between the food court and University Bookstore, providing you with the opportunity to meet with students as they engage in their daily activities. Request a Breezeway Table today.

Career Conversations

Networking plays an essential role in successfully recruiting students to your company. Students want to learn more about your organization, while you want to familiarize yourself with potential candidates before moving towards a formal interview. Career Conversations are informal meetings involving you and a maximum of four students/alumni for half an hour. Here, you are able to take part in a detailed discussion and interact with students/alumni on a more personal and professional level. Schedule a Career Conversation today.
No cost

On-Campus Interviews

Meet with excellent talent and alleviate yourself from the difficulties of coordinating interview logistics. On-campus interviewing is a quick and efficient way to interview UM students at the career center in a half or full-day session. With six interview labs, an employer lounge, and an automated process in place to select the students you want to interview, you’ll have more time to focus on your hiring needs! Schedule an-Campus Interviews today.
No Cost

Interview Schedules

We want your company to be as successful as possible while recruiting at the University of Miami. As a result, the on-campus interview scheduling process process takes approximately 10 days from the time the position is posted until the actual interview date. Most schedules are “pre-select” (i.e., positions are posted, students apply online, and employers select the applicants they wish to interview). Interviews take place at the Toppel Career Center between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Your Ideas

We want to hear your ideas and love to experiment with new programs that attract students to your company. In the past, we have had case study competitions, “A Day in the Life” for specific careers, technology/entrepreneurship competitions, etc. If you are interested in one of these events or have an idea of your own, please contact Devin Rogan at 305-284-1989 or devin.rogan@miami.edu.