UShadow FAQs

If accepted, when will my UShadow experience take place?
If accepted, shadowing can take place anytime within the semester you were matched.

Is UShadow similar to an unpaid internship?
No, UShadow is not an internship. It is a one day shadowing experience. You will shadow a UM alumnus/a or employer to show you what a typical workday is like in a career field of your interest.

How am I matched with my UShadow host?
We will match you based on your application responses and the availability of UShadow hosts.

What if I am not accepted into the UShadow program?
Don’t worry! If you’re not accepted into the UShadow program, we offer a variety of other resources to connect you with professionals. Drop into Toppel for advising, and we can discuss other ways for you to meet alumni and employers.

What types of companies and organizations participate in UShadow?
A variety of companies and organizations participate in UShadow across many different industries. These industries have included but are not limited to: Communication, Education, Business, Law, Engineering, Sports, Healthcare, Arts, Music Business, Architecture, and many others!

If selected, what do I talk about with my UShadow host?
UShadow hosts participate in this program because they want to help you. Your conversations could include advice on how to enter certain industries, successes and challenges of a job, as well as what a typical day is like in specific careers.

Can I communicate with my UShadow host even after the one-day experience?
Absolutely! Your UShadow host is now part of your professional network, we encourage you to maintain contact with them throughout your professional career.

Should I ask my UShadow host for an internship or job following the one-day experience?
No, UShadow hosts participate in this program with the intention of teaching and educating, not hiring. However, if you make a positive impression on your host, and maintain professional contact with them, you may be more likely to be considered for opportunities with that organization in the future.

Can I apply for UShadow as a Freshman or Senior?
Unfortunately, the UShadow program is only for Sophomore and Junior students at UM. However, if you're interested in learning how to connect with alumni and employers, please contact us or drop in for advising.