InternU: On-Campus Internships

InternU provides experiential opportunities to students and is designed to promote deliberate goal setting and identification of learning outcomes. Our objective is to aid departments, offices and centers on campus with developing and/or enhancing quality internship opportunities.

At the Toppel Career Center, we know that on-campus employment enhances a student’s college experience and leads to greater student success and retention. In return, students can offer tremendous value to the University by providing their skills and talents.

Why should you participate?

Employers who recruit at the University of Miami tell us that they want students to participate in 2-3 internships while in college. In addition, they are looking for students who have developed a variety of skills, including communication and problem-solving.

Approximately 4,500 students at the University of Miami are working on campus. At the Toppel Career Center, we believe career services is everyone’s business. Therefore, it is our job to make sure these students are walking away from the University with transferable skills for their future. Redefining these on-campus positions as internships would encourage students to make the most of their on-campus experience. This shift in mindset allows students to feel as if they are an integral part of the organization, as students take part in meaningful work and feel part of a greater cause.

Being an on-campus intern here at the University of Miami allows students to communicate their growth to future employers. InternU helps your student employees showcase the skills they gain through their professional documents and interview skills.

Do you currently:

  • Employ students in part-time opportunities (non-clerical/non-administrative)?
  • Have projects or initiatives that have yet to come to fruition due to competing priorities?
  • Have a passion for working with students?

If so, the Toppel Career Center is committed to working with you to:

  • Identify if your current part-time opportunities can be classified as internships with the development of learning outcomes/objectives
  • Assist with the posting of positions and recruiting of students
  • Provide resources for hiring, onboarding, professional development, and more to enhance the internship experience for students

If you would like more information on InternU, please email