Skills Advantage Series

In a time where traditional routines are a thing of the past, and innovative problem solving is the way of the future, students need to take control of their career outcomes today more than ever.


COVID-19 has presented many students with the challenges of canceled internships, rescinded job offers, and the inability to learn from skilled industry professionals in person. That is why The Toppel Career Center has launched the Skills Advantage Series. This program empowers students to take charge of their knowledge and skills and be ready for when industries are able to hire at full capacity once more.  

Is this program right for me?

The Skills Advantage Series (SAS) is a virtual, self-directed training program for UM students. This program serves students who want to learn beyond the classroom by honing in on specific transferable skills or students who aim to proactively gain a new skillset that otherwise would not be available to them within their respective major.

This is an ideal solution for students who might have not secured an internship or who may have had their offer rescinded, students who might have a part-time job that isn’t industry-related but want to continue progressing, or students who simply want to learn a new topic that would complement their traditional studies.

The program is offered during summer and/or winter breaks, is free of charge, and typically requires 5-10 hours each week of training and reflective activities that focus on the following learning outcomes: 

1) Gain an understanding of current industry knowledge and practices. 

2) Articulate and apply learned skills to future academic and professional opportunities. 

3) Maximize resume potential as a current student.

What skills can I gain?

SAS offers different tracks, with each track honing skills that are directly transferable to essential functions in the workplace. Participating in any one of these tracks will showcase a student’s versatility, aptitude to learn, and ability to navigate an unfamiliar subject matter.

Students can choose which track(s) they want to participate in. The types of tracks being offered will vary somewhat each time the program is offered. Some include digital marketing, project management, graphic design, coding, and non-profit grant writing. These tracks contain a variety of resources and some even provide vital certifications that today’s employers expect. 

Summer Series 

The summer series will launch on Monday, June 14, 2021, and will conclude the week of July 18, 2021, with each week requiring 5-10 hours of training and reflective activities. 

The six tracks will provide new competencies in digital marketing, project management, healthcare data science, graphic design, coding, and non-profit and grant writing. Upon registration, students will receive the curriculum and reflection material for the six weeks of the series. 

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Please email Ismaris Ocasio at or Logan Caswell at if you have any questions.