Graduate School Fair

UM Mascot Sebastian promoting UM MALS program UM Mascot Sebastian promoting UM MALS program
Sebstastian is excited to tell you all about UM's Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program.

Students who are contemplating graduate studies after graduation can attend the Graduate Career Fair, held in conjunction with the Fall Career Expo. Here, students can connect with representatives from a variety of local and national programs.

Fall Career Expo and Graduate School Fair
Wednesday, October 3, 1pm-5pm
Watsco Center

Student Registration
Graduate School Representative Registration

We understand that not all students are preparing to enter the workforce immediately after graduation. Are you interested in graduate school options? If so, make plans to attend the Graduate School Fair held in conjunction with the Fall Career Expo.

The Graduate School Fair is the perfect opportunity for you to explore options of attending various graduate school programs. You will receive information about and network with graduate programs from around the country.

Over 40 representatives will be present to answer your questions about their programs in health, education, law, public policy, business and management, communications, and social work. You will not want to miss this!

Come prepared by researching the programs you are interested in beforehand. Check out our resources on choosing a gradute program if you need a place to start.

As the fair nears, there will be an updated list of attending schools and programs as they register.