Evan Eggers

Evan Eggers
Graduate Assistant


I am a first-year graduate student earning my Master’s degree in Arts Presenting and Live Entertainment Management.  I earned my undergraduate degree in Business Admin with a concentration in Arts and Entertainment Management at the University of the Pacific. Here at Toppel, I am the Graduate Assistant with the Operations and Communications team. I work with the graphic designers and social media/communications staff to design a strategy to effectively inform students at UM of the events, initiatives, and services we offer. 

My career goal is where my work experience and education intersect; I plan to book, market, and design music festivals. From middle school until the end of college, I was heavily involved in my school music programs, and often found myself at the center of the organizing many of the events and initiatives. This, in conjunction with being constantly surrounded by the festivals and concerts in California, has nudged me toward a life working in the business side of entertainment. I am excited to combine my love of music, concerts, people, and events, with my ability to effectively communicate on behalf of a brand or organization.

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking (even urban hiking!), the beach, volleyball, skateboarding, concerts and other activities that get me out and exploring the area around me. When I need something less physical, I enjoy practicing photography, people watching, cooking and baking, blogging, watching Netflix in bed, and discovering new music.

My undergraduate experience taught me a lot about who I want to be, and what I need to achieve that goal. I would suggest that every student take advantage of an opportunity that may only be tangentially related to their career path. Even if that opportunity doesn’t lead to a new passion, it will still provide a glimpse into what others you may work with are experiencing, making it easier for you to foster a professional relationship with them. I did this as a junior when I took an internship at the local sports arena. I discovered a passion for live events that I hadn’t tapped into, simply because I was focusing on becoming an artist manager. Working as an intern at the Stockton Arena helped me develop new skills, and allowed me to apply my skills and knowledge from my artist management path to a new role.